Where to buy

Moscow, Mitinskaya Street, 16

(Point of issuance. This product is available on the next day after the order. By agreement will deliver the order to the exit subway)

Moscow, Prishvina Street, 11

(Point of issuance. Product can be obtained on the day of ordering. By agreement will deliver your order to exit subway)



Pickup  (in the comments, please indicate a convenient place convenient for item Pickup)
0  €
Courier delivery in Moscow  ( within the Ring Road )
5  €
Courier delivery  outside the Moscow Ring Road (20 km)
6  €
Courier delivery St. Petersburg (2-4 days)
6  €
Courier delivery to the Leningrad region (2-4 days) 
7  €
Mail sent to the regions of Russia (5-7 days)
2  €
Sending to the CIS countries Russia mail (10-14 days)
5  €